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The only American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association (AFRMA) certified breeder in Japan

Shippobank breeds a variety of small animals such as mice, rats and hamsters. All of them are in-house bleeding individuals, so we can create individuals with a mild temperament by understanding the strains and understanding the faces of parents.

We also breed rare rare species in Japan, such as hairless rats (skinny rats). Campbell hamsters with a mild temperament are always available to you if you have your own breed. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for other Jarville and Wild Mouse.

Miki Koiwai





Miki Koiwai

After 24 years of bleeding experience, I noticed that it became the longest established mouse in the rat industry.

Why is shippobank so popular so far? It is in our "stickiness" . And why do you keep doing this, even if you don't make any money? There is my reason there . Please read if you are interested.

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Current state of pet shops

Ever wondered how the many animals in a pet store are displayed there?

Many small animals such as hamsters and mice cross the sea from overseas and are imported in large numbers. Domestic rabbits are also carried by the shipping company and gathered at wholesalers.

I do not say that transportation is bad, but due to cost reasons, I will be exposed to an environment far from comfortable.

Also, the reality is that even wholesalers cannot afford to spend so much on each cage.

In a capitalist society, it can be said that it can be helped to some extent because it is distributed at a low price, but it is also a problem that is a bit painful when you think about it.

The animals we raise are happy children who can be welcomed to our new home directly from our hands.

The children, who are welcomed in a situation where there is little effort such as moving, will surely be less stressful and will open their hearts to a new family quickly.

More information from the world.

There are lots of misleading information and mistakes on the homepage written in Japanese (which is also so). I see someone's wrong information copied somewhere again and more and more wrong knowledge is being mass-produced.

We have been collecting information from overseas for over 20 years.

A better understanding of breeding methods and genes from the English academic literature is the basis of our breeding and breeding.

There are some things that are different from the common sense used in Japan, but we hope that we will be able to help ourselves to raise animals closer to the ecology of living things little by little.

Registration number Sales 81-0117 Exhibition 81-0127

Date of registration Sale July 18, 2017 Exhibition April 26, 2019

End-of-life sale July 17, 2020 Exhibition date April 25, 2019

Office name shippobank

Location of office 226-0019 3-20-14 Nakayama, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture

Name of person in charge of sales animal handling of type 1 animal handling business related to registration Miki Koiwai

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