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Professional breeder

Mouse Researcher

Miki Koiwai



Born in Iwate Prefecture in 1978.

He loves flora and fauna since childhood and cultivates and breeds various flora and fauna. At first from the raising of insects.

I fell in love with Fancy Rat at the home of my host family in Seattle. After returning to Japan, I searched for rats, but at that time they were not prevalent in Japan.

Beginning from the teenage years, self-breeding small animals under the bed at home (Since then, I have continued to keep mice throughout my life.) Not only small animals, but also reptiles , fish, plants , reptiles , etc. Breed many and gain comprehensive knowledge of all living things.

Animal writer era

After that, he joined an animal publishing company (Marine Planning), worked as a freelance writer, and has written many things.

In addition, as a sister magazine of Aqua Life, he launched, edited and wrote the small animal magazine SOLOMON , and laid the foundation for a method for raising small animals that had not been established in Japan at the time. He was also involved in writing for small animal magazines such as Anifa and Manmaru.

In addition, I changed the pen name and wrote in many animal books.


  • Cute creatures such as rabbits and hamsters Photographs by children (Children's books)


  • モルモット&チンチラコレクション(マリン企画)

  • フェレットコレクション(マリン企画)

  • SOLOMON(企画・編集・執筆)増刊から廃刊まで

  • 小動物雑誌『アニファ』(定期寄稿)

  • あにふぁん (REP FAN特別編集)

  • その他不定期で雑誌等に寄稿

Activities on TV

  • Promoter of the CS program "Cutie Animal Club" (Pet Channel).


  • After marriage and childbirth, I now open a small animal breeder shippobank at home to work at my own pace while raising children.

Activities as a mouse lover / researcher

National Fancy Rat Society-NFRS

British International Fancy Rats Association

Official member


International activities

  • To become a member of the Rat and Mouse Association where the rat and mouse are widely used in the United States and the United Kingdom, and to interact with experts and fans not only domestically but also overseas, aiming to popularize the Japanese rat and mouse.

Starting up the event community

  • 2018 As a community of small animals, we hold “ Rodent Party (Geppa) ” several times a year . Cumulative number of visitors is hundreds, which is one of the largest in the small animal real community in Japan.

  • We work to raise awareness and status of small animals in Japan, and provide a place for fans and enthusiasts from all over the country to gather and interact.

  • It is still held regularly.

名称未設定 2.png

At a rodent party

Manager Koiwai surrounded by fans

Advisors and other services related to small animals

  • Advice for young breeders entering the market

  • Operation improvement and management for large breeding facilities

  • Joint research and development of lightweight and inexpensive breeding equipment based on many years of breeding experience

  • Human resource development to employment support

  • Development of a unique rodent bait " SHIPPOBANK Premium Food " created from many years of breeding experience

Interview, etc.

  • January 27, 2020 TV Kanagawa "Cat's Hitai Wide" is interviewed all day long

  • Fuji Television Co. , Ltd. February 13 (Thu) 19: 00-21: 00 Miracle experience! Ambiribabo super cute animal Zukkyun! 2 hours SP cooperated as a specialist on small animal species identification, behavior and ecology.

Please contact us directly on the site chat if you have questions such as interviews.

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