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* Reservations on the day can only be made by phone.

Please be sure to read the notes at the bottom of the page.

Please be sure to read it

・ Please call from Nagatomo Field Soccer Field. We will inform you of the meeting place. Please call after the second time.

Phone 090-8435-3293

・ There is no parking lot, so if you come by car, please park at the nearest coin parking lot.

・ It would be helpful if you could bring a mobile package. We look forward to seeing you!

Same-day reservations are accepted by phone only

[There is no parking lot in this house]

Please refrain from parking on the street. There is a coin parking nearby.

[Please wait at the meeting place]

[Please note noise, etc.]

Our shop is a general house in a general residential area.

Since residents live in this area, please refrain from making loud noises, throwing out trash, and so on.

[Clothes that can be dirty]

[We do not rent toilets or washrooms]

[Please bring hygiene products such as wet tissues]

[We may be injured by creatures]

You may get injured by inserting your hand through the cage gap or getting your nail caught.

[Please keep an eye on your child]

Business hours, regular holidays, etc.

[Business hours] 13:00 to 22:00

[Regular holiday] Open all year round

※only reservation

User guide


A fee will be charged for tours only (excluding visits to pick up guests).

Please note that you will be charged for your travel companion.

Entrance fee (per person) 1000 yen

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