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Why I do a mouse shop

I was a junior high school student when I first started to breed mice.

It's been almost 30 years since then.

On the way, the children had four lives, and there were marriages and divorces.

I changed my job a lot and even moved.

There was a big earthquake, and I had an accident and had hospital surgery.
To continue endlessly despite such environmental changes.

That is the mouse breed.

There are many different types of mice.
Rats and mice with long tails, Japanese favorite hamsters, degu, guinea pigs and capybaras.

There are various things, but in me, they are the only "rats".
Rabbits, cats, birds, insects ... There's no end to counting, but I've been bleeding deeply in various ways, but for some reason only mice are special.

I often say, "I don't make any money."
"Do you eat if a disaster occurs?"
"I'm doing that kind of thing."
"A poor child"

Well, I have heard voices of concern from many places, including my parents.

One or 99 would be nice.

However, in my case, it was already 3 digits when I was in the first year of high school.

Sometimes it was double-digit, but when I lived most I lived with 4-digit animals.
That's kind of crazy.

I'm okay, if you realize.

Because it is harmful to think calmly.

Complimentary about being a weirdo.

Dependence? Oh, maybe that's right.
Relationships with the opposite sex will not last long, and your family may also get worse.

Parents are completely disconnected.

The cost of food and breeding puts pressure on the household budget, and the inside of the house always smells like a mouse.

He was given a disgusting look by his neighbors, and he couldn't keep up with the housework, and the house was as rough as he wanted.

Even if you hire a part-time job, you can't continue and have a completely one-operation life.

I can't go on a trip, and no matter how sick or feverish I have no day to rest.
I wake up every morning at 7am and go to bed at 3am.

Wow! There's nothing good about it!

Yes, but I'm still working on rats.

It's not like I can't do other work, and when I was in an animal-related publisher in my teens and twenties, I was freelance editing, writing, and eating.

The breeding book I wrote with my old pen name, I'm sure that if I was old, I would have depended on it to keep animals.
When I was in a real estate company after working for a major IT company, I was a female manager in my thirties, and it was not a dream to earn four digits.

But why?
As I know all of you now, I'm just a rat shop.

After all, mice make me crazy.
I can't take my eyes off the radiance.

The softness of the small-toothed mouse I touched for the first time.

Ah, the Jungarian hamster I am talking about now.
A golden hamster that gives birth to children of various beautiful colors.
And for me, Everest, the highest peaks are mice and rats.

Why are so many individuals so delicious?

The first time I knew the answer was in biology classes when I was a student.

The name is called "gene".

I was enthusiastic ... Is there an answer here?
Creatures are born in various shapes and colors.

Roughly speaking, it can be paraphrased as having various “traits”.
When I was a student when I knew the existence of genes, I was already a captive of various "traits", and the biology class was like giving me the key to open a secret door.

My teacher said.

"I can't understand all of that because there are countless mouse and hamster coats."

When I was in my twenties, I studied hard and practiced bleeding again, thinking that "I'm pretty close to elucidating the inheritance of coat color." "If you keep going like this, you can conquer," he said.
At that time, they even sold the body with a gene symbol.

That's not a mistake in itself ... it was young.

I am in my forties now.
I'm 40 years old, "unconfused"

An innocence that an old person named after "I became 40 when I was 40 years old, and the direction of my life was fixed."
What I recently realized is that "knowing knowledge is as much as knowing it to me."

Eternal ignorance.

I've been a rat for over 30 years. The more I knew it, the more I knew the depth of heredity and the size of the living thing's bosom, and the more I gained knowledge, the more I saw the size of the ignorant sea.

At the time of the teacher's funeral, I realized that what the teacher said was right.

Still from many friends

"No animals"
"You have to live like a human"
"Why don't you do it because dog and cat stores make more money?"
"Please come back to this industry and we'll do it together."

Thank you for your warm words.
Through the interaction with my friends, I feel that, like rats are social animals, I am also a social animal called human.

But I'm sorry.

Do you think I can quit the rat?

The mouse swamp is deep, traits are not only the surface, I want to know further down, but there are things I do not know now.

What the cave explorer has been struggling with and the alpinists have been struggling with hard work.

In such a situation, the fingers that I thought "I don't need to do that much" pointed to myself like that.

Well, unlike those people, it's nothing beautiful, but the reality of my home.

However, every time I open the cage, there is a bright treasure that I can only see.

Maybe there's no reason for me to keep my mouse shop.

Just like a fly attracted to the light, the light for me is just a rat.

In a nutshell, mice don't make money. It's a hassle.
But I also have to live, so I think I will have to devise and struggle in the future, such as doing other work.

However, I will spell here my heart as an innocent rat shop at this moment. It is also fun to see how I, an intellectual, see this.




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