20+ years history of breeding rats. I continued to think about "real rat happiness" and arrived at the ideal rat food. The only food made exclusively for domestic rats that considers the true happiness of rats.


・ Fancy rat exclusive premium food

Basic food for fancy rats up to a year and a half. Animal protein is essential for the healthy growth of fancy rats. In addition, consideration is given to the ecology of growing dentition unique to rodents by combining multiple types of seeds. Commercially available hamster foods and pellets for laboratory animals have excess and deficiency in the growth of fancy rats. Give the fancy rat a special fancy rat hood.


・ For semi-adult fancy rat

After a year and a half, food for semi-adult fancy rats. Rats, who tend to lose interest in life due to curiosity, are still interested in food. We aim to have a long life with the food for semi-adult fancy rats from shippobank, which pursues the quality of life of rats.

Premium rat food

  • ■ Contents 900g
    Sales price: 1080 yen (tax excluded)

    ■ Storage method: The best place is cool and dark.
    ■ Feeding method:
    Give as much as you want to eat in the food bowl. Free feeding. Water is also given in bottles so that you can drink as much as you like.



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